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on its way

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I ordered my SL HCG from cheap hcg last night, its on its way (or should be sometime in the near future) I am struggling to stay on protocol while still on the hhcg, granted it is also TOM and I am house sitting, so in a different environment, during the winter I work from home, so I think that may play into things, its so easy to get distracted! I am mixing things up a wee bit while I wait, one meal I do on protocol, the meat and veggies, the other I am going to do a green smoothie with protein powder.
Good luck everyone, have a great day!

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  1. sophates's Avatar
    I started crocheting and knitting again just to have something to do. Now that i'm into my second things are getting easier. Even though starting the rx made my hunger better last week was brutal in other ways--I just felt kind of weak at times and my head hurt a lot.
  2. shellby's Avatar
    So this is your second round? I am kind of an all or nothing personality, and feel that if I am just treading water right now until teh rx gets delivered, I might as well stop and start again, but since its body chemistry we are dealing with here, i don't want to screw mine up more than i already might have, so this has also been a pretty brutal week for me too! It can only get better, right?
  3. sophates's Avatar
    No no... second week. I think the second round is even more difficult from what I've read. Not looking forward to that but I have a LOT of weight to lose so I'll be doing probably five rounds.