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February 10th, P3D1

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I am in phase 3 now, was going to go till I got to my goal...just could not do it! Failure? HELL NO! I have lost 70 pounds on this "diet"! I am proud of myself, sure a bit disappointed I could not go on, but my body was telling me otherwise. So I had to stop. Sure I might get back on it and loose that last little bit in June, maybe, but for now, I am going to try to get through phase 3 and then onto phase 4. And hope and pray that I can maintain, or who knows go on to loose that last little bit on my own. I have completed 5 rounds of phase 2 and onto my 5th round of phase 3 and 4 now.
One thing that gets me is that in the Linda Prinster's book "HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide" with the insert of Dr. Simeons' "Pounds and Inches" He specifically writes, " When the three days of dieting after the last injection are over, the patients are told that they may now eat anything the please, except sugar and starch provided the faithfully observe one simple rule. This rule is that they must have their own portable bathroom-scale always at hand....,and must without fail weight themselves every morning as they get out of bed, having first emptied their bladder. .."
upon reading this over and over, I feel as though some people over think this issue of what they are allowed to eat. Sure, you definitely have to watch what is starch and sugar. But common! Peanut butter??? There are some out there that have no sugars in it. And in the book she even has it as one of the menu items that a person can have! I just don't get that!
He does not specify that you have to add a single food item a day, I do not know where that came from...sure not a bad idea, but is it really needed? My first round, I followed the book to a T and stabilized great! And I did not just add a new food everyday, I jumped in with both feet. On the other rounds, that was different, I was more cautious and followed what a few people on kept saying, sure it was okay, but not like the first round...that last round was awful! So many damn steak days! ugh! And I might of not stabilized well due to a couple of factors that I had done different...Don't get me wrong, everyone on here is GREAT! We are all here to shed some light on what others have done well on to learn from other and to help others, this is a great thing!...I am just saying that it is strange-- where do some get their in site on what to do. Are they doctors or have extensive knowledge? (and I am only speaking of a few people on here it just seems that everyone thinks of them as gold) There are some people on here that I consider to be friends and when they mention things, they state that they are speaking of how they done something and what worked for them...they do not act like they "know it all" about this diet and what they say goes and we should do this or that...etc...they give suggestions, NOT what is right or wrong and look down on you if you do it one way or the other...okay now that I have opened up a whole can of whoop ***, please forgive, I am just venting and speaking out loud on a rampage of questions and wonders....

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  1. dda1's Avatar
    Thank Ladies, as you can see it has been months since I have been back on here...many reasons why...
    @ justjoan060 - thanks! I reread it this morning...so unlike me to vent like that! Sometimes this diet can make you speak more of your mind than you wish..LOL! Thanks!
    @ Dubbles - I was trying to say that I stabilized best on the first round, and then the last couple of rounds of maintenance when I followed one food added daily, I done worse. still stabilized, but not below or at my LDW. I was also was trying to say that some people on here are like, "You can not have peanut butter in phase 3" when in Linda's book it clearly states that you can. I love the no-sugar peanut butter too!
    Ladies, I also want to say this is the BEST way to loose the weight, of course it is a struggle sometimes not to have the wrong things, but, a great "diet". I recommend it to many, with a doctor's approval of course! I always tell them to see their doctor, just in case they have medical issues that are not known or that their doctors disagree on them...oh anther blog! haha