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Day 8 (28)

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Wow! is all I can say. Down another 1.1 today and I know I keep saying that this is the least I have weighed since I don't remember when - but hopefully I can say it tomorrow and the day after that and so on until I reach my goal.

No culinary adventures to report from yesterday, just made the beef stew in the slowcooker which will have to go for 4 days if I have one serving a day.

Off to get some more kelp noodles for the chicken portion of my diet day, they make my P2 life so much more interesting!


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Tags: slow-cooker, yay


  1. lawgal's Avatar
    How do you make your beef stew in the slow cookery... I love when I get to use mine but don't know a lot to cook in it especially for this diet?
  2. stelly's Avatar
    Hey lawgal - it couldn't be simpler. I just put cubed beef pieces in to cooker with a diced onion and diced zucchini (courgette?), garlic, some dried oregano, beef stock, salt and pepper. Any other seasoning you like instead of the oregano, even some chilli powder? Set the cooker to auto, come back in a few hours and voila! Beef stew. The beef should come out very tender and the broth is delicious. It won't be very thick though, so you might want to treat it as a soup
  3. lawgal's Avatar
    Cool. Thanks