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intersting few days...yesterday I sky rocketed to 138, finally got things moving in my system, and woke up at 135.4 again today. Hoping the gain was just temporariy due to some build up. Oh the joys of being a girl!haha I am glad to be back at 135.4 I was horrified yesterday! My engagement ring is also nice and loose again today as it normally stays when I have losses...if it starts getting tight I know there is a gain because I retain water so easily.

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  1. Forgiven's Avatar
    Glad you went back down, that's a nice loss. We're on the same day.
  2. littlefirefly's Avatar
    me too! and another loss today! Since we're on the same day we should help keep eachother motivated! How long of a round are you doing?
  3. Forgiven's Avatar
    Excellent that you had another loss! Though I weigh myself in the mornings, I don't use it as my official weigh-in because I work weird hours and so could not weigh myself at the same time each morning after waking up, as I sleep a lot later on the weekends. I would love to keep each other motivated! I'm doing a forty-day round, though I think, once all is said and done, it turns out to be 42 with the couple of days after I stop the drops.

    I'm going to the Wisconsin Dells this evening (leave in 4 hours) and I've pre-made soups that I just have to nuke in the microwave to heat up for lunch and I'm bringing steaks and a couple veggies for dinner (think maybe an onion and a tomato). I'll bring apples as well, as it's the only fruit I've been able to stomach. I plan to stick to protocol while away. Even if we go out to dinner one night, I have a plan. LOL

    Have a great day!