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Day 13 (34) Whew!

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Happy to see the scale moving in a downward direction today, so have lost what I managed to stall/gain over the last four days! I had a dry brush and detox bath yesterday and nearly fainted, but it's a good tool to have and I'll keep doing it. It really does feel in the midst of a stall that the scale ain't going any lower, and then suddenly it does! Woo hoo! So if you are having a stall keep your chin up, keep following the protocol and be rewarded.

Countdown to P3 is on, and I think I maybe do a cycle, so back on to budge whatever is stickin' around after that! I have been looking at my fav cookbooks and mentally P3'ing them in anticipation

I'm still having a little trouble seeing exactly where my 17 lbs has come off, however I did feel skinny this morning even though the saddlebags are still packed lol!

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  1. Jamit30's Avatar
    What day are you on? I'm on day 15 and have gained a pound in the last 4 days. I have cheated, so I know that has something to do with it. Also, last round I did this too, but I am anxious to have this done with.

    Good for you for being done with the stall. I want to be done too. Boo.
  2. stelly's Avatar
    Hi Jamit30

    I am now on day 35, and day 14 of writing about it on my blog.

    Thanks. Don't be discouraged by the stall. If you think about it logically it's the body hanging on to water for whatever devious reasons of its own. Just keep plugging away at the protocol and it will start moving in the right direction. Detox baths seem to work too. I had a cheat day which seemed so tiny in terms of what I ate didn't even brush the sides so I didn't even enjoy my cheat, but it cost me 3 days in bouncing up and stalling before I started losing again. I think we need to get it into our mind that this is a process that does not have results instantly, however it is nice to see physical and measurable changes to justify our deprivations lol!

    Good for you for sticking in there and good luck with your losing, I know it will be happening for you before you know it!
  3. Jamit30's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply Stelly. My cheats were very small cheats, but they were cheats. Grrr... I'm hanging in there and will get back on the saddle though. I only bought a 30 day supply for this round, so I REALLY need to get serious and no more any type of cheats. Thanks again for replying and good luck with the rest of your round.