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Blog Is LONG Overdue

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Well I haven't posted a blog in months, so I figured it's time!

I'm currently in phase 2 of my third round. I've lost 56 lbs since October when I started round 1. Yah, it's pretty cool.

This round I'm doing subq injections instead of hhcg. I like that the injections are something I do in the morning and then don't have to worry about for the rest of the day. Nice and convenient. Painless? Not so much! I'm a big baby. My hunger is under control and I hope it stays that way. I'm on hucog 175iu.

This round I'm down 13 total, 7.2 of which is new weight from R2 ldw. I need to lose 13.8 more to make my goal of 140. I have 27 more days, so I need to average atleast .5/day. I hope it's do-able!!

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  1. Praying4Change's Avatar
    I should mention that today is vlcd 11.
  2. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Wow! Sounds like your journey has been amazing! 56 lbs is awesome! .5 sounds like a realistic goal per day! I'm sure you'll make it! Welcome back!
  3. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    Oh, it's so doable!! I'm so proud of you! 56 pounds is amazing!!! Keep up the good work
  4. AZJan's Avatar
    Wow! Randi, you are doing awesome! Good luck on reaching your goal!
  5. Praying4Change's Avatar
    Thanks all!