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Day 38 and I'm nearly done!

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Didn't blog yesterday - was dealing with TOM and a .8 gain turning up together. Oh well, I sort of expected something like that!

But then today I am down 1 lb - I don't care, I'm claiming it!

I only have two days to go, but I suspect my drops will run out before then, and if that happens it's no biggey.

I am still 10lbs off goal, so I might do a mini round after P3. I don't really eat a P4 diet normally, although I do make a low-carb bread that is pretty nice if you can tolerate gluten. Might test this out after P3.

My hubby has been away for the last 2 1/2 weeks, and is back on Tuesday which should sort of coincide with my start of P3 so I say "Let the celebrations begin!" I don't know if he will notice any change in my weight, as my measurements haven't really shifted that much but I think I have lost a bit in the booty judging from the fit of my clothes.

I feel so proud of myself - I have a basket of Easter eggs and assorted goodies sitting on my dining room table - completely untouched! And a case of NZ Sauvignon Blanc downstairs that was delivered from my wine club - also unopened. AND I am the lightest I have been in so many years it is doing my head in - but in a good way!

Wishing you all a great week of losses!

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  1. Catthai's Avatar
    Wow, congrats! Your husband is going to be thrilled at your losses since he's been gone. We don't often see the changes but those around us do. My husband has been out of town too but just for a week. And if he doesn't say WOW, then, HARUMPH! Ok, he doesn't say WOW but I'll know by the way he wiggles his eyebrows what he really means.

    "a case of NZ Sauvignon Blanc downstairs"

    I just love NZ whites. I have one in the fridge right now (but only one bottle). And just think, you can start on that case in a few days. That's a great part of P3 - all the goodies you can have.

    Congrats on your journey. Well done!
  2. stelly's Avatar
    Thanks Catthai - I am now imagining lots of eyebrow wiggling going on next week!
  3. Catthai's Avatar
    Lol! Eyebrow wiggling is without a doubt a man thing :-D