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Test Blog Post

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This is a test post.

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  1. Onedayatatime's Avatar
    Test for what?
  2. Grammie50's Avatar
    It worked!
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    ok, let's see if this works.
  4. Catthai's Avatar
    a mystery :-D
  5. jdc's Avatar
    Oh I guess this is what I saw on my phone....mystery solved!
  6. hcgwarrior's Avatar
    Dubbles...I see you are having a few problems in P3. Check out what Tate posted that she found on this forum -
    Okay, here it is: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...ting-p4-23489/. It sounds like these ladies have discovered the secret to stabilization in P3/P4: Digestive Enzymes, L'Carnitine and Probiotics. It seems like people who were struggling to stabilize are now having success with this Trinity of supplements. I already have a probiotic, but you better believe I'm going out to get digestive enzymes and L'Carnitine tomorrow!!! If you check out the thread, there is even a list of name brands

    Then: This is a great vlog I think you might want to visit:
    Stephanie talks about how she was able to stay below LDW the whole time of P3. She even has a downloadable list of what she ate every day. Very informative