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Can't understand my brother and he can't understand me.

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Since being on the HCG diet I have actually been losing weight and I love that, but my brother is just not getting it. He tempts me with food he eats, calls what I am doing stupid and says that if I just work out everyday I'd lose weight.
This all just frustrates me because I'm finally doing some thing that works for me. I've gone to the gym and worked out routinely but I wasn't really losing weight, plus when you are fat you feel more weird about working out in front of small or muscular people (at least I do especially when your fears of them watching you come to reality because they come up to you and say "nice to see you at the gym" or "you are doing good by coming here"). Feeling that way about going to the gym I eventually went to curves gym and tried that out. I started losing some weight there but after a while my joints started hurting. I've lost 18 lbs so far in my two week journey of hhcg and I feel great so why can't he just understand that I'm doing something good instead of trying to put me down.
My brother is my twin and is thin and muscular and has always been that way. He eats junk food and fast food like it's nothing and doesn't gain. I'm just fat and pretty much always been that way, plus I have always eaten more healthier than him, but I no longer want to be this way. When you're big you sometime feel left out even when you're not and people just don't understand that. I feel that he wants to sabotage me and I know I should not give in, so, boy am I fighting. When I'm at home I struggle more, but when I'm away at school I do much better with less temptation.
Any how, I guess this is why I have only told two family members what I am doing. But they both don't understand it.

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  1. jodsterjag's Avatar
    I have 2 sisters that do the same thing. and what I have come to realize through the years is that they are jelious... they are afraid that you will steal the spotlight. He has prob always thought he was the "better" twin and WHEN you get your weight off he is scared that he wont be in the "better" one anymore. Its not that he doesnt love you or suport you, I bet deep inside he is... but its his own insecurities that show on the outside... DONT GIVE UP!!! thats just letting him win! you can do this, but do it for yourself, not to win or to prove something, do it for a life change and try to not talk about it with your brother, if he brings it up change the subject, it will bother him so much but after a while he'll drop it. When he pushes food in your face, make a joke at him... You eat it, I like having my arterys...or liver... or heart...or whatever, because you know that by eating healthy and keeping with this diet even though he is thin, you are more healthier, vibrant and in control!!
  2. Vineeta's Avatar
    My suggestion: Limit your time around people who cause your energy field to become negative.
  3. simply_o.w.'s Avatar
    Thanks for your words of wisdom. You're probably right. I've always had the brains but not really the overall looks so if when I lose weight I would see myself totally put together and he could be insecure about the fact that I'm trying to better myself fully. And yes you're right, he's pretty much been in the spotlight for everything except academics where I beat him.
  4. jodsterjag's Avatar
    Just keep your chin up. You can reach your dreams, its only YOU that can stop you