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Down an additional half a pound today, making me only 1 pound away from 20 lbs lost on this short round! As soon as I finish this post, I'll be taking a detox bath to see if I can get down to 194 by Monday, since tomorrow is my last day of drops, making Monday morning's weigh in my LDW. Had a morning apple, chicken and asparagus for lunch, roast and a bloomin onion (P2 friendly, of course!) for dinner and another apple for dessert. Drank water, green tea, iced tea and coffee today and will no don't down another big glass of water during the detox bath as well, so plenty of liquids in today. I am so close to the end! This process has been so amazing...I still can't believe that I've lost almost 2 pounds in 3 weeks....

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  1. lindafisher2010's Avatar
    Where do you get the detox baths at? Also, where did you get your recipe for the bloomin onion?
  2. gallery's Avatar
    I was wondering about the detox baths too