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LOSING weight in P2 eating FRESH MILLED whole wheat BREAD!!

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Yes, you read that right. I am losing nicely eating fresh milled whole wheat bread and loving it!! I could eat the whole loaf though It started on Tues when I went out with my friend who is also on this diet. She is almost at goal. She made her own fresh milled bread and brought 4 small slices that day. I was shocked to see her going to eat it! she informed me that she has no problem with it and actually is losing due to eating it. So of course, I had to try it! She gave me two slices that day and I was in heaven while eating it the next day I dropped 1.6 lbs and was SHOCKED as I was in my fourth week and not losing over .4 here and there. So, I bought some at the store. We have a bakery here that makes it and I also do make my own but have been too busy. Might be doing that tomorrow. Anyways, I eat it everyday, 2 slices. I lost .2 the next day but that might have been because I was super tired. Today I am down a 1 lb!! I am just so thrilled with this new revolation!! Yesterday I ate 150g or a tad more of white fish.....sole and had filet mignon for dinner around 124g and my fruit and veggies for the day and my bread even! Just exciting! I have 4 lbs till goal to get to and might stop at 135 or might go lower. I am not sure where goal really is. I look good now but still have fat in my stomach area so until that is gone, not stopping.

I wanted to share my exciting news with others just incase your area sells Fresh Milled bread, you too can try it. I know when I am not on the diet I can consume fresh milled pancakes and fresh milled bread upto 3 slices and never gain. I even make pizza with it and do great! I intend on trying that when I get to P3 since eating the stuff in P2 produces losses. I know Great Harvest mills their wheat so any of their breads should be okay. The one I buy is Real Bread and they are in Atlanta Ga. area. I know fresh milled anything is way better for you than the other options. Now, I do enjoy bagels, biali's, rye bread, italian bread but rarely eat them. I also buy sprouted bread and love that too. Just wanted to share my wonderful news!!

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  1. Boomer's Avatar
    This is so interesting! I grind my own wheat and make bread with it. I was just talking with my husband this past week and saying how much I would rather have a piece of MY bread rather than this stupid cracker thing! You have given me the motivation to try it. I always ate my bread and bread products in P3 and didn't have any issues.
  2. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Boomer-wish you could make me some of that bread.sounds so much better then that addictingly crunchy grissini. ha
  3. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Abinco....I dont' know your whole story....age, weight, issues with metabolism in the past etc.. But i wonder if you started Hccg fairly healthy and low in weight if your metabolism is fairly functional VS. others who have thyroid issues, metabolism slow, obese etc....?? I noticed when I did my Ph3 interruption I did fine with a few things off protocol too.