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Steak a day worked for me.

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Well, at my office we do the Biggest Loser. I have been doing this for a few years and only just donate my $.

The program is done for 8 weeks and then start a new round. I was a few weeks already on HCG when the new

round started, so right off the back I took 1st place. On the 5th week, I had finished P2 and was moving onto P3

and also going on a week and half vacation. I did alot of walking on vacation, watch what I ate but had wine.

Which I didn't watch or should I say watched as I drank. I love my wine. I say had had total of 3 bottles in the

whole time I was gone. B/F kept saying did you weight yourself yet? I kept ignoring him and the scale, so the

last day on vacation I did and I knew I gained since my shorts felt tighter. I did gain 10 lbs.

I get back to work and everyone is waiting for me to return from vacation of course, not for good reasons lol.

So, I gained the 10 lbs pushed from 1st place to 4th with only 1 more week to go. The new person in 1st and 2nd

figured they got it in the bag now. I was not going to let this get me down, that I was going to work so hard

to make my come back. I hit the steak a days for 6 days and out of that 10 lbs I lost 9lbs !!! I won 1st place!

It makes me feel good to know I can do it! PS... I REALLY DON'T WANT TO EAT ANOTHER STEAK FOR SOME TIME! ....LOL

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  1. Forgiven's Avatar
    LOL way to go! Great job! My office has a biggest loser contest at times. I've never won. LOL I should try to get them to do it in July...I'm going to start R2 then...

    Also, thanks for sharing how you lost the 10 lbs from your vacation weight. I'm going on vacation in June and am afraid to gain too much. It's nice to know there is a way to get it off.

    Have a great day and enjoy your winnings.

  2. Deana's Avatar
    Forgiven - Thank you! Yes, I did win 1st place!! The girl who took over 1st place asked if it was a mistake! Mine you she is already really skinny, so of course when I gained on vacation it helped her....