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Round 4 Day 1 Load

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I am so excited for today! Why is it that beginning another hcg journey is so exciting? ha ha I think the energy is flowing and WOW! My dh does not want me to become depressed like I seemed to last round, although I think there were other factors in there not just the hcg. This round will get me over the "half way hump" to my goal of 100 lbs. I will stabilize after this and hold for a few months until Round 5. I knew in the beginning that it would take a couple of rounds, but I was hoping to have greater success by this point. The lack thereof is not the fault of the hcg. It has always been my own lack of pushing forward. Cheats are not worth it. They cause you to not only lose days, but also self respect. What do you really want? That is the big question of the day. Do you really want to eat ????? or lose a pound? The choice is yours. You make it. No one else can make it for you nor will the feel the true joy you have in being successful or the sadness that will fill you because you cheated. CHEATING IS COSTLY!!!! So, now that I have the new tools, the new ambition, the understanding of what I'm in for, the new hhcg, the new enthusiasm....THIS WILL BE AWESOME! I can tell you where I will be because I see myself there. Vision is important. If you are considering the hcg journey, go for it! It's the most amazing miracle I have ever found when it comes to weight loss. Don't doubt yourself. and as for me? I will read this blog everytime I need a boost. ha ha Here I go!!!

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  1. happydj's Avatar
    You go girl! Your blog this morning gives me goosebumps coupled with a ton of inspiration!!
    A friend asked me if I was 'down' the other day. Normally I am pretty energetic and all over the place, so when friends see me calmer (and they are seem to be looking for reasons to HATE hcg) they assume that I am 'down' or depressed. Apparently the hcg harmone is calming...so we tend to stress less while we are on it. How is THAT for a side effect Just thought I'd mention it in case DH was interpretting your depression for calmness.
    Welcome home to the forum and enjoy the fun of loading and the excitement of the possibilities for this round!
    Congrats on your losses and cheers for continued success!