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No loss or gain today- still sitting pretty at 201. Have an appt with the dr. tomorrow to see about some other form of birth control...how abut something that DOESN'T make me gain 40+ lbs this time??? Got quite a bit of water, tea and coffee in, enjoyed orange roughy and asparagus for lunch and the neglected my afternoon fruit! Had a steak and some little cherry tomatoes in a little P2 friendly dressing and ate the orange for dessert. Stupid TOM still refusing to leave, no matter how I curse or plead or pout, so goodness knows what the scale will say in the morning....it would make my weekend to see that scale start with a 1 tomorrow!! Super tired tonight- headed to bed post haste!

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  1. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    Hey Jess, I think not gaining during TOM is a blessing in it's on right. BE patient, thee scale fairy will swing your way as soon as TOM is booted out of town!lol
    By the way, have you tried the NuvaRing? Excellent reliable form of B.C. I've been on it for years and it didn't cause weight gain (pasta, potatoes and chocolate did that lol!!)

    Have a great day!
  2. Julz36's Avatar
    I do the depo shot and haven't had a period in 10 years, therefore no bloating every month. You just go in every 3 months and get a shot. I love it!
  3. Miley's Momma's Avatar
    Hi I am Melanie...new to this blog/forum! But I was wondering...I am fixing to start the diet for the very first time ever...my shipment will be in probably tomorrow!! But I just had a baby and now today was the first time for me to get a Depo Shot! I was wondering how the shot & doing the diet works together??? I am scared to start the drops if...the Depo shot will make me ammune to the diet or will I be fine?? Thanks Melanie