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VLCD6 been in bed all day long...........

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crummy day. down in bed with a stitch in the side. Feels like it could be kidneys. Not sure. Stone? what? infection? no fever. If it's not gone in the morning then I'll call the doc. Have too much to do to feel like this. Tomorrow is our youngests 18th bday. Like I said...Big day!
Things are going pretty good other than that. I have been surprised at the swiftness of the loss, but then, I'm still losing what I regained in P3 after Round 3. Hoping I can just get going again. Taking 12 drops 3 X day, so the bottle won't last a full 23 days I'm sure. Not sure if I want to order more, probably, cuz I really need to do a full round. Just sitting here wondering what to do about dinner. It's already after 7 p.m. I'm hungry. Just took my evening drops, so will need to wait a minute. Have no clue what to eat. Maybe I'll start with an apple. I can't believe how down I sound even though I'm really not. Sorry people. It is a good day otherwise. Trying to decide what my next course of action is going to be. Thinking of taking a break from hcg for a few months. Probably most of the summer. I think my body is tired of trying so hard. Although I will be able to be much more active this summer because of the almost 40+ lbs I've already lost. I am so excited! Hiking, camping, road trip....going to stay strict on that trip. Life is fun! Such a great family to share it with. Doing this is going to allow me to hang around a whole lot longer than my doc was saying I would last summer. I'm so glad I discovered hcg. Some of us are having difficulties with stabilizing and getting foods back into our diets, but I know we will figure it out. And hopefully without gaining too much. Others have been successful so we can be too!

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  1. rockbottom's Avatar
    I love your positive outlook! Today was my last HCG day on Round 1 and I am super nervous about going on to Phase 3 & 4... but I agree with you -- others have been successful and we will too! Have fun with the camping and hiking. It's so great to be able to move around again.
  2. Vineeta's Avatar
    Hope you are feeling better. Like your positive attitude too. Why not enjoy the summer? Test it out and see how it goes.