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Notes on a photograph

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A woman is standing, surrounded by a crowd of children. She is wearing white shorts with a gray plaid pattern, a gray cardigan, and giant sunglasses, holding an official looking clipboard and three abandoned jackets. The sun pools on her calves, which have serious muscle definition. Her mouth is open, and she's gesturing with confidence while the kids listen.

I peer at the photo in wonder, because I cannot believe it's a picture of me.

There was an event at the school I teach at yesterday: the Olympics. The kids compete for ribbons, everyone gets a trophy and a medal for participating, and all the parents who can escape work come out to see the show. The children participate in different events: Basketball shot, shuttle run, long run, short run, and long jump. Since my hubby is a hobbyist photographer, and all the kids in my class have been clamoring to meet him, I asked him to come and take some pics. We do need to be careful about taking pictures: most parents are leery about photos of their kids ending up on the internet, so the ones Hubby takes will be put up in our classroom, but I can't post them. Except for this one: I think it will be OK, as the only discernible face in the photo is mine! It's on my profile here: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...65-miss-jenna/

This is what I do. It doesn't pay that well, and it's stressful and I occasionally have to deal with puke, tears, communicable diseases more commonly found in third world countries, lots of yelling and screaming, and a wide variety of other less-than-ideal job conditions. But I am rewarded every day, with an unceasing supply of hilarious anecdotes, lots of compliments on my jewelry, more love than you can shake a stick at, and a general feeling of well-being that I am hopefully helping to mold the next generation into useful citizens. These are kids from a privileged area, who are not used to being told "No", and are freely given anything they could ever want, for the most part. Which means that when they come to me, a lot of them are pretty feral, and the first few months of the school year are harrowing. Towards the end, they have grown up so much. It's an amazing transformation, and I love being a part of that.

Even though I occasionally teach them oddball things by accident, which is why 5 year olds are using the word "paragon" and a simple discussion about hygiene morphed into a discussion about what an amoeba looks like, and in the process, evidently inadvertently taught a few of them how multiply. If you want to blow a parent's MIND, have her little son run up to her and say, "Mommy! I learned about 'meebas today! If there are EIGHT of them, they can turn into SIXTEEN!"

So this has officially been kind of a "Lost Week." I am finally back to where I was, what my ticker says I weigh, happily into the teens, and hopefully trending down- and it took until today to get back here, so I am NOT screwing this up again!!! This is my last week of shots, I am going for my 20 lbs. lost goal, which I will hopefully exceed: I have 1.4 lbs. to go.

I went to the doctor for my travel consult, and am now protected against most of the nasties: We are not supposed to get outside the major cities on my trip, so malaria is not a big concern. They did (of course) weigh me, and like I always do, I had to slide the bar over. In mid-slide, I realized I was heading TOO far over, and that was kind of a mind-flip. On the Doc's scale, I was 222 (with clothes). The nurse attending said, "Where on Earth are you keeping it?" I quipped my usual: Big muscles, bones like a T-Rex, and she shook her head. "You wear it really well." So that was nice.

I should mention, someone outside my usual circle finally noticed this week: Jess is one of my newer colleagues, she subs once a week, and when we were outside on the playground, I took off my quilted jacket. The next thing I knew, she was sprinting over to me. "OK, HOW MUCH weight have you lost?!!"

I told her, and she went a little nuts. "In three weeks?! Three weeks!???"

Jess is one of those young women who thinks she could stand to lose 10 lbs, and has evidently gone through Weight Watchers once to lose it. All I have told her is that I am eating a low calorie diet, but I may have to spill about the hcg. I wish someone would have told me while I have been struggling for the last three years!

So: I feel good. The only really negative thing that has come out of this is my new addiction to Starbucks Venti Iced Americanos. With my teaspoon of milk and a generous splash of vanilla stevia. yum! I think I am going to head out and get one RIGHT NOW. Enjoy your weekend!!!

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  1. AtrueHeart's Avatar
    Photos are wonderful and isn't it exciting when other people notice our weight loss? Means a lot more when someone comments about it to me than when I step on the scales and see it for myself. I know that you will surpass your goal. Go for it!
  2. edigyadig's Avatar
    Great Job! It feels so great I bet! Keep it up!
  3. JoNichelle's Avatar
    You are doing so well, should be in the 100's in no time!