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Finally Taking Control of My Life

Day 25 and Down 24 pounds

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I can't believe in 25 days I have lost 24 pounds, it is so amazing. I hope the weight continues to just fall off of me since I have a long way to go. I am just happy about being pretty close to being under 200 pounds I can't wait it have been years since I was under 200 pounds, not their yet but I'm sure it will be here before I know it. The good thing about this diet is I don't get hungry which I love.

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  1. rockbottom's Avatar
    That's awesome! Congratulations.

    Are you doing a 40 day round? I was down about the amount as you are now at 25 days too... and I lost like another 10 pounds in a 40 day round. You're going to do great. Keep at it.
  2. misshottie101's Avatar
    I'm doing a 40 day round. You lost a lot on your first round, how long do you have to be on P3 and do you also have to do a P4. Do you know where I can get information on how much your portions are in P3 and what foods you can have. I really didn't get much information from where I get my drops from about P3 and P4.
  3. rockbottom's Avatar
    I never did see this! I'll reply to you in the other message you sent me. Check your inbox!