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R3P2VLCD1 Holy load weight!!!

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Good morning all! So i loaded for round 3 and gained 5lbs overnight!! I was in shock! Already being 5 over liw I really did not think that was possible! Instead of being devistated, ok kinda, I'm more in shock and awe! O well onward to p2! Doing hhcg this time, injections last round, and my drops say not to drink caffine while taking homeopathic. Has anyone else been told this? I was under the impression we are supposed to drink green tea, yerba mate ect (containing caffine) ? Anybody else gain CRAZY load weight?

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  1. Sraines's Avatar
    I am taking the homeopathic and it says nothing about NO caffine...it actaully says the opposite...So I really haven't stopped having my coffee and lots of green tea...

    I have a question...did you stabalize for 3 week straight before you did another round? Or did you just do the P3 for the 3 weeks then onto another round?
  2. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Thats what I was thinking about the caffine! I did p3 for 34 days. I wasnt planning to do another round. Just in the last week my weight has been creeping up and I was 5lbs over liw before i loaded.