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Good morning everyone! Down another 1.2 today! Gotta love the first week of losses! Too bad I had so much load weight this time... o well its gone now. Yesterday didnt go as i'd planned meal wise. For lunch i had a hamburger patty and asperagus. A bigger portion than I should have. However i did work out for 30 min in the am. Had an apple split into 2 snacks. For dinner i planned chicken and salad, but when i got home bf had already started chicken on the grill with some sort of uapproved goo on it! We were late to a movie so i just ate a small piece of chicken and skipped the veggies. Also had a glass of grapefruit juice (fresh squeezed with no sugar) and some vodka. Yes shame shame. I was worried it would stall me today but still lost 1.2. However i'll have to see what happens the next few days. Plan on doing much better today! I didnt work out this morning, i usually take saturdays as my day off exercise, and ate my apple for breakfast instead of mid afternoon. I'm going to see if that helps with my energy, witch has been low. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. PurrrectlyMe's Avatar
    Great idea with the grapefruit juice.The highlight of my dinner is lenonade stevia in a cold glass.What kind of meat for the patty?
  2. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Thanks i thought the grapefruit would be the best option. The patty was ground beef.