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Oopsie rolls recipe

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Oopsie Rolls Recipe

It's a yummy P3 food made from eggs...kind of like a light, fluffy omlette. This is Leslie's recipe. They are soooo good especially witha little cinnamon in the batter and butter on the finished product.
You can use them as hamburger buns, too, or just eat 'em plain!


3 large eggs
1 packet of Splenda (or stevia) *I use a dash of xylitol
1 dash salt
1 pinch cream of tartar
3 ounces cream cheese


Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
Separate the eggs and add Splenda, salt, and cream cheese to the yolks. Use a mixer to combine the ingredients together.
In a separate bowl, whip egg whites and cream of tartar until stiff (if you're using the same mixer, mix the whites first and then the yolk mixture).
Using a spatula, gradually fold the egg/yolk mixture into the white mixture, being careful not to break down the whites.

Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray and spoon the mixture onto the sheet, making 6 mounds. Flatten each mound slightly.

Bake about 30 minutes (You want them slightly softer, not crumbly). Let cool on the sheet for a few minutes, and then remove to a rack and allow them to cool. Store them in a bread sack or a ziplock bag to keep them from drying out." .
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  1. PurrrectlyMe's Avatar
    Thank you for posting all of those P3 recipes! I can not wait to try them.
    How many calories is in one oopsie roll?
  2. Natalie's Avatar
    Not sure. I don't really calorie count during P3. But you can put in the ingredients individually in an online food tracker .
  3. raggedyann's Avatar
    I love making these as french toast, add some vanilla extract, vanilla flavored stevia and some cinnamon. YUM!
  4. Natalie's Avatar
    YUM! I'll have to try that...with a little blueberry syrup on top
  5. bdjohnson510's Avatar
    Someone told me that when they made them they just fell apart...kind of like egg whites - way too light for hamburger buns...do you guys really love these? I would love to find something to hold a burger!
  6. raggedyann's Avatar
    I've used them as a "taco" for shredded beef like having taquitos with no problems. I think it depends on how you make them. Mine do not fall apart, but I whipped the egg whites to death until very stiff.
  7. bdjohnson510's Avatar
    Thanks for the info...so you think that might be the trick...beating the egg whites unitl they are super duper stiff? I'll give that a try...they sure look good - I guess I just was a little leary since there is egg whites in them as kind of the main ingredient...Thanks - I'll let you know!
  8. raggedyann's Avatar
    Also, make that part last. Do the egg yolk portion first. Then whip the whites and fold the yolk part in. This always works best. Good luck!
  9. Natalie's Avatar
    Whipping the egg whites separately until they form stiff peaks, then folding them very gently in the egg yolk mixture. It doesn't need to be fully mixed, just folded in 6-8 folds (or even fewer). You want to be able to see the egg whites peeking through the egg mixture. And what raggedyann said, doing the egg whites last is the best way so they don't go flat by sitting for too long. Good luck!
  10. hlengelsman's Avatar
    how long do they last? I am going to make some today because I want a cheeseburger for dinner but I am going on vaca this coming Thursday and I want to make a bunch the night before I leave I wanted to know do they last a week or like 2 or 3 days?