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You Think It Would Be Easy By Now...

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This is my 4th round and I am about to start p3 on Tuesday, after losing 79lbs I have to say I am very nervous still. Which is funny because after all this time I still get a little scared each time about gaining even a little of the weight back. Its very unnerving to see the sky is the limit and try to figure out portions. That is my biggest problem, knowing when to say Ive had enough. Any suggestions on portion control??

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  1. NursesRock_RN's Avatar
    Is weight watchers an option for you? Their idea is portion control
  2. Cant_Stop_Yellen's Avatar
    That's not a bad idea!! Maybe after the no starches no sugar phase that would be a wise choice for me. That why I like p2, there is just so much structure it's hard to not succeed. But this round is very liberal in measurements!! :/
  3. NursesRock_RN's Avatar
    There is a member on here, poobears, that is experimenting with WW instead of P3, and blogging about it. Interesting reading if you get a chance! I don't plan on using it immediately with P3 but I will be easing into it by week 3 or 4
  4. Cant_Stop_Yellen's Avatar
    I will definitely have to look into that blog. And consider the ww. Although in my experience when I start making my own rules and straying away from the guide lines p&i describes is when I start to gain.