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Larger loss than yesterday!

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Down .6 today/VLCD10, glad to see it's back up and not headed the other way. Haven't had a BM since Monday after drinking smooth move tea the night before, that stuff was pretty harsh on my tummy as well. Any other suggestions out there as to what I can try?

I hope your all losers today, make it a great one!

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  1. nsbrown76's Avatar
    I know you are glad for the loss. U R right. I did Smooth Move on Sunday and it worked on Monday. For some reason it did not cramp me as bad but that was my last BM also. I tried magnesium caltrate and my stomach bubbled thoughout the day and only a small amount was produced. Unfortunately, I prefer the results of SM. Will try again tonite.

    I am at a 2nd day stall. Boo hoo.
  2. DoingThisForMe's Avatar
    I think I will have some more tea as well, someone mentioned oxy cleanse and it's not harsh on your stomach. I am going to try and locate some this evening. Good luck on your stall, have you tried an apple day? I am dreading getting to that point.
  3. Abinco's Avatar
    I drank too much detox tea that I got at the grocery store, its one made my chinese something anyhow, drank a few too many and bam! Potty for 20 min every 5 min then it stopped. It did clean me out though. I did not have a potty issue, just drank a few too many :-) They also sell a slimming tea and that apparently is for making you have a movement. I will stick a green tea bag or black tea with the detox or slimming. This helps it to taste much better and stevia of course! Good luck and yeah for the .6 loss. I am sure wants to go, your scale is heading SOUTH!
  4. DoingThisForMe's Avatar
    I drank coffeee...it worked!!! Thank goodness for the relief!