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Extras Gum good or bad in p3?

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I'm about to start my p3 and recently extra came out with a new flavor which is an orange creamsicle! Now I'm unsure about gum and if it affects me or not. So ideas?? Is the gum a bad idea. I've been waiting to chew gum again but now I'm not so sure I should. It is sugar-free also.

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  1. happydj's Avatar
    Congrats on entering P3! I just started P3 last weekend! Hurray!
    You may want to pose this question in the forum, since the moderators/gurus have much more technical advice on the subject.
    I chew Sugar Free bubble gum every now and again, but I have read that the artificial sweetners can trigger cravings for sugar. I have experienced this a bit, but nothing I have not been able to manage.
  2. Cant_Stop_Yellen's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice!! I just posted it!! Congrats to you too!! Are you nervous?
  3. happydj's Avatar
    Nervous for P3? Nope, I LOOOOOOOVE P3. This is Round 2 for me, so I (kinda) know what to expect, although I already made a big error and dove into a bottle of wine...so that has put me back, but I am on track now and plan to stay there.
  4. NursesRock_RN's Avatar
    I miss gum too