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Dove into a bottle of vino + P3ing too fast = disaster

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No big mystery why my scale spanked me with a 1.6lb gain / 1.6 above LIW.

I was just too excited for P3.
Friday, Hubby and I met friends for dinner and I had 1…2…3 glasses of Chardonnay and was punished dearly for it on Saturday morning (HEADACH!). In a funk, I indulged in some Babybel cheese and some sugar-free chocolate…much more than I should have.

To repent, I cleaned the house, no let me rephrase, I SCRUBBED the house! Right down to bleaching the walls & ceiling of the bathrooms. The crazy thing is that the cleaning lady comes at the end of the week???! Now that I look back, I recognize this neurosis; it just hasn’t reared its ugly head in awhile. In the past, when I’ve felt a loss of control in some area of my life, I control what I can…a really clean house. Great.

On a separate note, it’s been 4 days since my last BM. Yikes! I know that SBerkeland and others have had some luck with magnesium, so I’ll be swinging by GNC on the way home from work to grab some.

This week I plan to take back control of my food intake, eating clean (less processed), utilize all of my new P3 energy towards some awesome workouts and drink lots and lots of H20. I saw a glimpse of -47lbs on Saturday am (while dehydrated from the vino)…hope to see it again SOON, but this time for KEEPS!!

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  1. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    The magnesium should def help with the BM. I've been on the digestaway and megnesium w/PH3 and it's so regular, and nice and convenient. Ah

    As for the cleaning...I have just got to learn to 'let go'. All of my bad habits stem from some sort of fear. Fear that if a friend comes over and sees a pine needle on my floor they will think I'm a bad house keeper. Or if they see a dirty dish that I'm lazy. All of that is un-true, and a lie from the devil! I have got to just work and not be idle throughout the day, and be content with what I get done as long as I'm being productive. I don't have a house-cleaner, but I would def be one of those people who cleans for the cleaner! lol We WILL find balance!
  2. jillybean763's Avatar
    Yum - wine..... That's one thing I'm really missing in P2. Hopefully I'll drink in moderation once I hit P3!

    I'm also a house scrubber when I get stressed out. It's nice to have a clean house without having to talk myself into it.
  3. Grammie50's Avatar
    I take magensium 400 mg "NOW" brand. Start with 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening, if that is too much then 1 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. It works!!
  4. Vineeta's Avatar
    This sounds like someplace I've been. The wine...I had two glasses last week at a social outing and what a splitting head the next morning. I've decided it's just not worth it. And. I used to love my wine. When you feel the need to clean, come on over and help me out!