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My p4 for life journey is about to begin!

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As my (hopefully) final p3 is coming to an end, I am going to blog my p4. This will keep me on track and also give others a roadmap on this final leg of the journey! P4 is pretty much un-charted territory long term as most seem to stop hanging around here very much.
First a bit about me. My highest weight on record was 204 and my height is 5'2". I ate because I was bored, stressed, happy, sad and every other emotion there was. I had lost and gained the same weight many times. I have tried Weight Watchers 4 maybe 5 times - great plan and I did loose weight but it came back every time when I began to eat normally again. I even got to the point of being able to qualify for lifetime membership. Then it seemed to stop working. I had a consultation with a couple other weight loss programs, but never followed thru. I had been eating 1000 to 1200 calories a day for months, eating mainly proteins, veggies, fruits, cereal, multi grain breads, exercising, and couldn't seem to loose a pound.
I am the typical example of someone who had cut calories, lost weight, re-gained, repeat and totally messed up my metabolism.

How did I find HHCG? One BIL was visiting in May 2010 and mentioned to me about a diet some of his co-workers were on. They used some drops of stuff and the weight just seemed to melt off. I brushed it off.
Same BIL visited again July 2010 and brought up this same diet with some type of drops they put under their tongue and how much weight they were loosing. My first thought was - OMG I must really look fat and need to loose weight cause he brought this up again! Then I began to research on line and finally took the plunge 8/1/2010. Started with HHCG drops from a local health food store and my journey began!

Four rounds and 70 lbs later - here I am ready to begin my final p4 and maintenance for life! Tomorrow can officially be my last day of p3.

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  1. julief's Avatar
    Amazing losses !! Hope your P4 journety for life goes well. I think after being on this diet, and learning so much about ourselves, and what really makes us gain, and how to correct it we now have a good plan!
  2. Ronnijay's Avatar
    Yes - please keep posting!!! I am just a few days away from my first P4, and I am super nervous. I would love to know which carbs you were able to add successfully and how you go about measuring the amount, etc. You CAN keep it off, it makes so much sense to do this for your health and for your sanity! Best of luck!!!