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P3 the steak is thawing out

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Can't really complain, as I enjoy eating the steak The dogs really did it too. This is the 1st correction day for me in P3 and I think I'm on day 17 or 18 into it. We had a fund raiser for the Flux Foundation (creators of the hugh temple at Burning Man) at our nursery and perhaps the Sangria is the culprit. I also had bacon yesterday for the 1st time and POW! 1.4 pounds just like that. At least I had a good time, met artists passionate about their work and everyone was mellow and in a good mood. Sometimes it's worth riding out the consequences of my choices.

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  1. julief's Avatar
    I just googled the Flux foundation. Beautiful art. The people on the video seemed very laid back, but hard working.Yeah yesterday was my first day with Bacon too! I don't want to blame the bacon What kind of dogs do you have?
  2. Vineeta's Avatar
    All kinds of dogs... mostly small. I am the primary care taker for two - a Chinese Crested Mix and a Silky Yorkie. Then, we have a friend
    who is an Emergency Vet, so we have sort of a sanctuary here at the business with ... I lost count... another 8 or 9 dogs. Two foster baby goats, 5 or 6 cats. They really lucked out when she rescued them. All had put down orders or were on deaths door. I can't imagine life
    without them around.