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Phase 4, day 1 - do as I should - not as I do!

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I knew Saturday was going to be an interesting day. The day started off great - my weight was 131.6 (ldw of 130.0 but stabilized at 132.0) so I was lower than where I stabilized! Guess the four vodka/soda drinks did not make me gain!!
Had less than normal sleep last night - went to bed late and got up at normal time.
Didn't have breakfast - as we were having a big pot luck brunch at the campground. Brunch was around 9:30 am and I did pretty good. I had a normal size piece of an egg breakfast casserole. Typically those are made with some type of bread in the ingredients and I'm pretty sure this one was as well. Had 4 slices of regular low sodium bacon and some fruit along with my tea. One meal down....
My late afternoon snack was about a cup of fage with some blueberries.

And then there was dinner.....mind you there were several good cooks there and it was a big potluck. We only go camping with this group once a year. That is no excuse - and I'm not making excuses for any morsel I put in my mouth as I did eat voluntarily!
So I ate a nice sirloin steak, along with my lettuce salad and bolthouse farms ranch dressing. I also ate 2 T of homemade potato salad, 2 T of baked beans, probably 3/4 cup of a salad that was made with cool whip, apples, grapes and cut up pieces of snickers candy bars. For dessert I had a normal size slice of home made apple pie, and a smaller size brownie. Yes - I had 2 desserts! Then topped that off with a couple vodka/diet soda drinks around the campfire. I had planned to have a smore cooked over the campfire - but figured I had probably had enough calories for the day and already had desserts so no smores for me! Could I have passed on the desserts - yes I could have and probably had better results on the scale - but this is life and I'm going to learn how to enjoy, have fun, eat what I want, and correct and move forward! As far as I know, there are no "cheats" on p4.

And the results - Sun am weight was 133.8. So that means from the white bread, white flour, regular sugar, sweetened condensed milk (was in the pie), chocolate, potatoes, baked beans and other misc ingredients - I was up 2.2 overnight. Still .2 below where I stabilized. And since there is no way to decipher which one or more of those ingredients caused the gain...I'm just moving forward!!

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  1. Ronnijay's Avatar
    WOW! That was pretty extreme (and delicious, I'm betting!!!). I am still feeling like I'm on the edge of the high dive. Which carbs to eat, and not even getting close to sugar (yet). Congrats on taking a chance - and not losing sleep over it. Get back on the P4 horse and keep blogging! (Today is my P4D1 - there aren't many of us!!!).