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I just saw a great documentry called Fathead. I recommend everyone se it. If you have streaming Netflix it is on there.
This movie is all about why we are fat and it makes great sense. Basically it says breads aka carbs (most of our favorites) create sugar in our systems and then it is converted to fat. So get rid of the carbs - not veggies- and non natural oils - processed oils and you will be sitting pretty. So I recommend watching it and drawing your own conclusions.
So no more bread but just put butter on your Oopsie rolls.

It really resonated with me - if you watch it let me know what you think. It is very copacetic with Phase 3.

Have a great night everyone and Cheers to your water or tea!

Also Shadow had a great Blog to help with cleansing.

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  1. renec's Avatar
    It makes sense. When they want to fatten up a cow before butchering they feed them grains. For the first part of their lives they graze on grasses. For the last 6 months or so they are brought in to the feed lot and given nothing but grains which hugely increases their size and marbles the meat with fat. Grains make us fat.
  2. Trinigirl's Avatar
    I haven't seen the movie yet - can't watch it online. Trying to find a copy, but I did stumble upon his youtube page that has a wonder 5 part stream entitled "Big Fat Fiasco" Very enlightening!