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Johanna Rodriguez

Vlcd 10

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A little update on me... I almost had a panic attack Tuesday, I still don't know what happened.I got on the scale and saw that I had gained a pound! I swear I almost cried.

I called my Dr., I asked grammy, I didn't know what to do. Luckily this morning I weighed myself and saw that I lost that pound plus 1 more. I have no idea what could've caused it, I think maybe I drank too much water, or went over my 500 cals, didn't sleep my 7.5 hrs. Who knows.

I'm down 16.8 lbs, which I of course don't notice, I haven't even seen inches lost either. I've always lost or gained weight very evenly (I have an hourglass figure) so I sure it's disappearing from all over the place, lol. On the plus side my co-worker said she saw me walking to work yesterday and didn't recognize me at first because I look thinner.

After my little freak-out I'm SOOOO scared! Now I'm paranoid about stepping on the scale.

My Dr. told me not to worry, it can happen, especially since I "might" get TOM, which I haven't had since March. My boyfriend thought it was funny and told me I was crazy, then proceeded to tell me my face was super skinny I just didn't know it (he was joking about that too, since I freaked about a 1 lb gain.

I had an office lunch yesterday and they kept pushing me to order something, so I budged and had them bring me LETTUCE hahaha, they all think I'm nuts, but my scale says I'm skinnier so :-P to them!

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  1. takingcontrolofmyweight's Avatar
    Congratulations on your weight loss! I think sometimes it is harder for us to visually notice that we have lost weight on our own bodies. I will look in the mirror sometimes and think well maybe this part looks smaller or maybe this part. But there is nothing better than hearing someone else tell you that you look skinnier. You will start to see it soon. All of a sudden you will out on a piece of your clothing and be swimming in it...that's when you will do the happy dance!

    Good luck and keep it up!