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Fabulous start to Friday

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Another pound loss wowzas!
I ate another piece of cheese yesterday, and cottage cheese twice... Everything else was protocol. My body loves dairy! Which is so good to know for later since I'm a serious milk drinker. Oh and I've been loving the lemon water too.... Aaahh this week is so much better than the last. Whew.
I will be packing up the house over the weekend, so maybe all that extra energy will knock me off another pound by Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Monday I'm invited to a pool party with coworkers and I'm bringing brownies YIKES! so losing more weight will definitely be a motivator to say NO easily.
Yawl have a fabulous day!!

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  1. SBerkeland's Avatar
    Nurses, I know I wrote this yesterday, but it is so encouraging to hear that you found what your body wants!!! Congrats on seeing this through, and another great loss!!!
  2. jillybean763's Avatar
    YAY on the loss! I miss those 1 lb loss days. Nice that you can eat dairy and still lose! I've missed dairy soooo much! I used to eat a yogurt every morning. I walk past the yogurt in the grocery store and I hear it calling my name! lol! Have a good 4th!
  3. Ronnijay's Avatar
  4. NursesRock_RN's Avatar
    Awww y'all are the best little cheer team! <3
    I had brisket for lunch, lean and plain but nonetheless brisket and the small cheese again, so I skipped dinner and drank a Diet Coke instead. LOL this was either ok or a recipe for disaster.... We shall see in the AM! Night