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** this isnt exactly how i thought, but i enjoyed the sentiment

Reversing It

I will always be fat
And I refuse to believe that
I can lose this weight
I do
I realize that isnít the way most people think but
ďEating to live instead of living to eatĒ
Thatís just not working out, and I truly believe
Eating what I want will make me happier in the end
Itís just a big fat lie, thinking
Being fit is the most important thing in my life
Now I understand that
Making myself happy with food
Is more important than
Making myself healthy with food
And this much is true:
People are succeeding at losing weight every day
But I know in my heart this will not be the case for me
This could wind up killing me
Doctors tell me
I will shorten my life and steal time away from my family
Right now it doesnít seem possible that
I can change my ways and be fit for the rest of my life
This is what I believe:
This journey is just too tough for me
I donít want to even consider the fact that
I can control the causes of my shortcomings and my failings
Itís just a fact of life that
People like me are weak-willed and lazy
And itís ridiculous to believe that
I will lose weight and be healthy

Thatís how I used to think; then I chose to reverse it (read from the bottom up).

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  1. shadowcat410's Avatar
    That's awesome!
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  3. Cassanina's Avatar
    That's really cool! I am gonna save this!