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Thank you muscle testing!

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Weight: 174.4 (-1.6)

Now that's what I'm talking about! So for those of you who have done the lasering and muscle testing, this might be something to interest you. I have been seeing a NAET practioner for about 7 months and I always ask her crazy things to test my body on (Are me and my boyfriend compatible? When should I start my HCG round? etc.) and decided to make up like 12 menu plans for HCG and test and see which plan would make me lose more than 1 pound. She did muscle testing, and if the answer was yes, the arm would go weak. So I tested and found that eating the following would result in a 1+ LB loss per day:

Breakfast: 1T cocoa crack
Lunch: 200g chicken
Snack/Dinner: 1 serving strawberries

So that's exactly what I ate yesterday, and did some yoga, and lost 1.6 yesterday. Gonna try something similar today, but going out to lunch at work so I brought my 200g chicken breast and will get lettuce and tomato side salad and just eat that, and maybe a little less strawberries later.

I figure, it can't hurt! So if you're at all familar with muscle testing, you can use it to test all sorts of things!! Gonna do another day or so before my LIW, 2.4 pounds to hit my 20 pound lost mark!

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  1. julief's Avatar
    very nice! I muscle tested my DH along time ago.