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day 5 no scale. P4 week 5

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I am day 5 of no weigh in, but I am watching what I eat, and correcting when I need to without the scale. I did a steak day yesterday, because I ate some fried mozzarella the night before. Even though I didn't know my weight I knew I should due to that. I feel good about my plan..My head is not in the sand. I am watching what I eat, and have had 2 treats this week once I had 2 miniature sugar free chocolates, and once I had some homemade whipped cream folded into cream cheese with cherries cooked in vodka with xylitol for a topping..It was the best thing I have eaten in months lol..Soooo good. I am still correcting when I need to..I am just being intuitive about it. Hopefully Wednesdays weigh in comes, and I made the right choice! And I find out that I am more in tune with my body, and can stop stressing!

I so wanted to weigh myself this morning though..Staying away from the scale when you have weighed yourself 1-10 times a day for over a year is hard!!

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  1. alouise26's Avatar
    What a great way to become truly intune with your body and it's needs- intuitive corrections!
  2. julief's Avatar
    aww ty aloise. I had a good result too. going to blog about it right now!