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week over with no weigh in weighed today :)!

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I finally weighed in today, and even though I did a steak day and a high protein day this week, because I ate out 2 times..I always have to follow eating out by one of the other depending what I eat. I am the exact weight I started at last week. 121.6..I am no where near my LIW which is 118, but I feel alot better knowing I can eat pretty much what I want, and control the weight gain without a scale. It might of been harder at 118, because it is such a low weight for me(5'3"), but either way I am happy. This week I got to eat fried food once(which I have not eaten in over a year) Red Lobster (even ate 1 piece of their bread) 2 pieces of sugar free chocolate. 2 pieces of sugar free jolley ranchers. and a mock cheesecake I made 2 times. Bacon 2 times. the rest of the week was very sensible eating, but for me that was alot of small things I never dare eating.

Not sure what I am going to do to lose the 1.6 pounds to get to 2 pounds over LIW, or 3.6 to get back to LIW. Maybe we just gain 2 ish pounds when we get into P4 well I think alot do from what I have read. Going to decide that this week I guess.

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Updated July 27th, 2011 at 08:10 AM by julief



  1. scientistmac's Avatar
    YAY!!! I hope this past week has helped to put your mind at ease!
  2. julief's Avatar
    Ty I do feel better.
  3. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Juile, this is your AH HA!! moment. If your body will stay around 121 for a week, with those food indulgences, THIS is the weight you are meant to be. For now at least. I've stopped fighting for the 115lbs mark. Lately I've been closer to 119lbs....which is a little higher for me too, but it's summer, life happens and I've still made great progress. SO HAVE YOU!! I think once your mind is at ease, you will want those little foods even more less, and possibly stay under 121 easily. That is my hope for you!
  4. julief's Avatar
    Thank you hun. You have been a great friend, and I appreciate it. I think you are right. I also feel better not fighting it so hard. You know me I will harm myself trying to prove to myself I can do something if I am not careful. 119 is a sexy weight! I bet we are about the same size since you are a little bit shorter.
    Hows Job search going? I just got fully accepted into CSU, but I was late due to paper work issues, because some of them were 20 years old, so I won't be able to start CSU untill Spring. But I will still go to college. Just a junior college for a semester. Might be a good idea anyways, because I don't enjoy driving in the snow, and CSU is kinda far 45 minutes away, and Front range is 10-15.
  5. Cassanina's Avatar
    Awesome job! I was very interested to see how your week would go, and I am really happy that it seemed to go well for you! Are you planning on keeping up the once a week weigh-ins, or every day?
  6. julief's Avatar
    Well I got up today and weighed. But I think I want to stick to once a week. So I wont weigh again till next week. I had a long dream about weighing last night..It took me 35 minutes in my dream to get my pants and socks off to weigh. They felt so tight and hard to get off I felt so weak.. I did not feel fat, because I had a friend there helping getting the pants off. I wouldn't do that is i felt fat. I have had that dream before. It is almost like my subconscious was making it hard for me to weigh myself. Funny thing is my weight in my dream was the weight I woke up to 122.6. Lol also in my dream I had my credit score, and it was lowered by 29 points, because I had been heavy, and I was trying to get it lowered. Really weird dream, but kinda makes me feel like I was telling myself I am still mentally dealing with my past weight, and weighing every day my mind does not like.