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scale dream.

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Well I got up today and weighed. But I think I want to stick to once a week. So I wont weigh again till next week. I had a long dream about weighing last night..It took me 35 minutes in my dream to get my pants and socks off to weigh. They felt so tight and hard to get off I felt so weak.. I did not feel fat, because I had a friend there helping getting the pants off. I wouldn't do that is i felt fat. I have had that dream before. It is almost like my subconscious was making it hard for me to weigh myself. Funny thing is my weight in my dream was the weight I woke up to 122.6. Lol also in my dream I had my credit score, and it was lowered by 29 points, because I had been heavy, and I was trying to get it fixed. Really weird dream, but kinda makes me feel like I was telling myself I am still mentally dealing with my past weight, and weighing every day my mind does not like.

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Updated July 28th, 2011 at 12:38 PM by julief



  1. alouise26's Avatar
    Dreams are crazy.....I too have been dealing with some residual thoughts and emotions about my previous weights and the 'leftover' effects from being obese; constant reminders like the shriveling stretch marks and sagging skin....Even though I feel soooo much better than I did when I was obese, I am having acceptance issues, I suppose. I am realizing that even though a huge impact is made physically with the protocol, the mental and emotional issues and changes are more challenging and seemingly less tangible.

    However, it is inspiring to read this and your last blog because I hope to be a 'once-a-week-weigher' eventually- but I have about 30 more lbs to go until I can even begin to let go of the scale a little more.

    I think you are doing great on your letting go of the scale journey and you look fabulous!!!