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Round 3 / Loading Day #1

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I’m back!

Loved the two months of P4 and kept to my LIW -45lbs, swinging within 4lbs of that #, but always returning back to -45. It helped that I stayed clear of starches and sugars. I COULD have enjoyed them, but I found that I could eat MORE and NOT gain, when I avoided them. Weighing every day was also very important.

So glad to be back ‘home’ here at the hcg diet info site. Such a great way for us to share our experiences and support one another! I've already noticed some changes to the site and experiencing some delay's as I transition around which I hope is just temporary.

Last weekend we did a kayaking/hiking/camping trip to the Channel Islands off the coast of Oxnard, CA. It was insanely gorgeous and we ate like kings and queens. Our crew of 7 brought their best game to the table…I don’t think I’ll be the only one starting a diet today

My camping trip/pre-loading yielded a 4lb gain, so a wee bit nervous how much I'll pack on with my 2 days of loading. Started my day with 2 donuts, thinking a slice of pizza for lunch and hubby is taking me for a burger for dinner…oh my. By tomorrow night I will be READY for VLCD! Excited for P2 and REALLY excited to reach my goal of -61lbs this round.

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  1. CrittleBug's Avatar
    Are you doing Homeopathic HCG? How many days are you doing it for? I'm doing it and I want to do longer than 40 days. Some people have said that they did it and it was fine, but some people say bad stuff, like you wont loose as much next round if you do a second round. Please let me know. Thanks
  2. happydj's Avatar
    I do the shots at home. Last two rounds I used the HUCOG formula, this round I am trying out the Corion formula. Last two rounds I went for 40-43 days, this round I am going to go for 23 days, hope to reach my goal of -61lbs.

    From what I know about the rounds, generally speaking and from experience, as long as you give yourself the mandatory 'breaks' in between rounds (i.e. 3 weeks between R1-R2 / 6 weekfs between R2-R3 / 8 weeks between R3-R4) I think you should be fine.

    I had greater losses in R2 than I had in R1. I was wiser to the protocol AND my body seemed to recognize that "ok we are back on this diet, time to lose again". I do not feel that the longer rounds slowed my losses for the following round.

    Best wishes for continued success.