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P2 dissapointed with myself

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I had to start P2 again, because I drank a few times. One time with Tequilla sunrises that time I gained 5 pounds.

My weight was super steady. I could finally eat anything but sugar in moderation, and not gain more than a pound. And I had figured out that if I ate less than 25 carbs in a day I would lose that pound. So it was finally going smooth after dealing with the diet for 150 days in one phase or another.
Then I gained 12 pounds from original LIW and 9 from adjusted from 3 days of drinking in 2 weeks. Funny thing is I gave up alcohol 3 years ago due to weight gain from it.

On a strange note after gaining this weight it seems I was able to eat any carb except sugar and not gain. So I think there is some truth to an initial carb weight that you gain then your body isn't as carb sensitive.

I was just going to lose it doing Low carb, but I worried that I wouldn't lose it in my waist where I gained it, because before HCg I never lost in my stomach much, and was worried to go back super carb sensitive.

I have lost 6.4 pounds since Loading though, so that is good. I lost on both loading days, and have lost 4.6 on first 2 days of VLCD.

I am hungry though, so worried I am losing the wrong weight. Asked Colleen about it hopefully she gets back to me, and can help me.

I am a bit rogue this round. I eat Fage and berries for breakfast, and I am eating Melba which I never had(trying to keep myself from going back super carb sensitive) Also I am eating mixed vegetables in large amounts. I work out, and instead of upping my protein I am eating a ton more vegetables.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!

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  1. artschoolgirl's Avatar
    this isn't your first round - maybe you're more hcg sensitive than you used to be? i suppose the answer is to adjust your dose, but i wouldn't know whether to go up or down... i hope colleen gets back to you and you figure it out. don't be disappointed, you sond like you're doing great!
  2. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Hey friend! looks like you are back on track. Don't be too upset with yourself, you've done well. I know what you mean about carb sensitive. I'm not gonna avoid them as much. I did okay with the toast w/butter In PH4, and I loved it. And the oatmeal...I have to have that!

    I just started Round2 today...I'm loading. This round loading is torture. I really almost can't do it. Does it really make that much difference in how hungry I feel? Keep in touch! I started a blog again for ROund2