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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

Death Becomes Her

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Ugggh... I'm sick.

I don't know how any of you manage to diet while sick, but all I want is comfort food. Thusfar, I haven't completely cleaned out the cabinets, but, with no exercise going on, my weight is hovering around where it's been for these past few weeks. Blast! I was really hoping for a starvation-like shedding of a few pounds, but no, not really... I'm really hungry, but now I just don't have other distractions and I can't even be productive in the house... I think I'll just stick to yummy tea and homemade chicken soup (with just a touch of basmati rice). I have a hard time enjoying food or even tasting it, so what's the point?
This wretched flu-like illness is particularly disturbing because, when I don't exercise, I don't poo, and now I'm miserable, and blocked up...

Ok -- going to make the best of it and finish that video seminar I've been putting off for my writing-teacher certification. The minions can pick up the slack.

(cough, cough) Maybe...

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  1. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Hope you feel better soon.. I felt the same way when I was sick a couple weeks ago. All I wanted was tea and soup. Of course I wanted orzo or pastina in my soup...heck I would have settled for wild rice but I was on P2. Will be joining you on P3 some time next week. I've been very well behaved the last few days and my losses are slowing.. I don't have much patience for it. Feel better soon. BTW, I use psyllium husks, which is the main ingrediant in some over the counter product.
  2. Espressowhip's Avatar
    I use Dieter's Tea (or Wallgreens), I got it at Rite Aid in the diet-aids area. It's Senna Leaves, relatively gentle, except when things are moving, then there is some discomfort, but after that the discomfort is gone. I brew it together with a spicy chai aromatic tea to overpower the earthy/icky flavor and aroma of the Senna leaves.

    Feel better soon!