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Vlcd1 - r2

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I am a little bit rogue - but considering how I've been eating over the last 30 days, I think it is not going to present any problems for me to eat a wee bit off protocol.

This is what I had:

93/7 Beef, 6 ounces.
1/4 c Sugar-free Spaghetti sauce

4 ounces canned Chicken Breast
2 TBSP Salsa
2 TBSP Sour Cream

Broccoli, Carrots, and Red + Yellow Bell Peppers, with 2 TBSP Cream of Mushroom Soup (added pepper, garlic powder, italian seasoning).

My total calorie intake was 595. I had 8 glasses of water and did not exercise. Not sure why, but I didn't get the measuring tape out, or the scale. I will this week, but I can already sense I've lost some water weight. I am eating foods I *love* and R2 is much easier to ease into than R1 was! Good luck to all!

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  1. Ronnijay's Avatar
    *I'm allergic to apples - so I usually have apple sauce in its place. Today, I opted for the tomato and peppers instead of apple. The carrots probably put me over the top.