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No scale week started today

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I started a no scale for a week journey today. It is not because I don't want to know my weight, or because i am afraid I am gaining. it is because I obsess over it to a point of unhealthiness. I will see where I end up with in a week of eating well, but not fretting over every single thing I put in my mouth. Hoping in one week I am close enough to the start weight of the week to be happy, and more confident in my body to handle eating. If not I will do a steak day and see where it lands me, and decide if I need to do a short "cycle" at that point.

It was weird to wake up and not go jump on the scale. I was tempted to get it out so very tempted lol. Then I thought what is a decision if you don't follow it? So I surely hope this works out well for me.

One good thing I am in a good mood today, and not feeling upset, because I can't eat.

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  1. Cassanina's Avatar
    I think this is an AWESOME idea since you're so far into P4! I know most of us get on the scale and examine the normal daily gains/losses that our bodies go through, and start blaming the one piece of gum or the whatever on why we are where we are. I think that if you're stable at the end of the week, better to do that than adjusting every single day. I bet your body will auto-adjust, I am excited to see your results!
  2. julief's Avatar
    Ty Cassanina I will keep posting about it. Funny thing is today I have eaten an apple with cheese, and 8 ounces of fage, and a bag of sugar snap peas. Not really hungry, but I know I can eat if I want to!

    Yesterday was different though..I went to red Lobster, and had a grilled shrimp lobster scallops trio. Didn't eat dinner, because I wasn't hungry, but I did have 3 boiled eggs for breakfast.

    Have decided to to stress over calories one way or the other, and only think about quality of food going in my mouth. at least for this week. Really hoping I get a good read on where I am with stabilization after this week
  3. scientistmac's Avatar
    Julie, you're going to be so happy at the end of this! My boyfriend has been in maintencance since May and weighs himself every single day. And yes, he goes up a couple pounds, then goes right back down a couple pounds. He's a guy, so the ups don't bother him lol. But it's really true that if you just eat well and let your body do its thang, it will even out in the end. I'm sure you're going semi-crazy not looking...but when you do look, and you see it worked...maybe you'll be a little less scale crazed and happier for it!
  4. julief's Avatar
    I sure hope so, and I think it was the right decision. I did eat a bit of cream cheese with whipped cream folded into it today with cherries on top..To me that is a huge desert even though it was probably a 1/4 to a half cup. Hoping Cream Cheese isn't a sensitivity to me. Doesn't matter since I won't know lol I will definately report in what I find..I think it should be really good for me.
  5. alouise26's Avatar
    I felt the same way during my p4 after my first round. I was no longer addicted to food/overeating/gourging- I was addicted to my scale. I started to weight my self up to 5 times a day! sometimes in the middle of the night when I went to use the restroom! I hope when I am closer to a truly healthy goal weight, I will be able to go mostly scale-less. Maybe just weighing in once a week or so! I look forward to reading about this new phase you have entered!
  6. texaschick11's Avatar
    Here's where I need some guidance. I'm in Phase 3, smack in the middle of it, so I'm weighing myself daily. However, I keep jjjumping every few days and having to do a steak day. Is that healthy eating all that red meat? But I'm scared if I don't the weight will just go up and up.

    Any one else experience this? Or maybe I'm just not eating the right things. I'm finding PHase 3 hard cuz there's no structure in the eating. Would love to know what to eat on Phase 3 to easily maintain.