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Debbie's HCG Rollercoaster Ride

156.4 P3 Day 18

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I must admit I was a bit surprised to see the scale this morning. This p3 is ARGH! My liw was 155.6 then I couldn't stay w/i 2# so I adjusted to 157.6. But I kind of feel like I copped out. Last night I had a huge rib eye steak and tomato for dinner. I wonder if that is what got me back in the 156. I ate fage and fruit for breakfast and I honestly don't remember what I had for lunch but trust me I didn't miss a meal! I did have cocoa crack. Today I had eggs with pepper jack for breakfast (w/butter) had a big meeting mid day and didn't have lunch till 4 but I had a chicken breast in evoo and fage with fresh strawberries. My store got full fat fage for me! Yippie!

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  1. TangleMKB's Avatar
    Ok, I can so relate to this... at least the part about not being able to stay in my 2# range. It is frustrating to eat FFF and strawberries every other day almost. I only adjusted 1# but maybe I should go ahead and do 2#. I am in P4 and still not stable or eating what I want without an issue. If I do eat what I want one day, I have to correct the next day. Considering starting another round... though when I got to 155 I thought I could be done, but if I can't stay under 160 some days, then I think I need to try to get under 150 so that I can keep that 160 number fully at bay. It seems to cause major emotional turmoil when the number gets back into 160s, even though I know how and can get it to go away, I am just tired of eating less variety now than I did in P2 almost with eating FFF 3-4 times a week to stay under 160. Wishing you the best! And I will keep an eye on your progess!! Congrats so far!