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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

Hcg Heretic

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Weigh-in: 121.5

While perusing other Hcg blogs, I came across this link:


Intrigued, I researched it and decided it might be something to try. Now, I'm not really good at counting calories, and it's not something I want my kids to see me do, but the flexibility of it is very alluring; an egg for breakfast, and then fro yo later on? Oooooh...

It didn't work very well at first. Admittedly, if the whole premise of a diet is to count calories, and one isn't keeping track very religiously, reasonably, then, one might not be very successful. Combined with a trip to Disneyland, TOM, and a visit to my sister-in-law's house in L.A., I had gotten up to 125 last week. Woozy from bacchanalian feasting, I couldn't bring myself to blog about what a bad Hcg'er I was... not that I had ever really been a good one.

I thought about my days in France and Portugal. While their cuisines arguably consist of better quality, and hormone-free ingredients, it contains a lot of fried, cheesy, and carb-heavy foods -- not what most Americans would consider "healthy". Yet, the citizens of those countries are leaner. Why is that? Perhaps, portion control.

I am really close to my goal weight (6 lbs to go) and need a regime that makes sense in the long run, or I might just pack it in and quit. The following are my "rules" -- a combination of set habits and new ideas -- and they seem to be working:

1. Avoid going out to eat (but if you are out, have a small portion).
2. Don't bake (I hate this one, because I like to experiment with recipes for cakes and cookies).
3. Avoid carbs (but listen to your body, and try to eat beans before other starches, and NO bread).
4. Make lunch and dinner consist *only* of a salad and protein, with any dressing you like.
5. Run 3-4 days a week. 2-3 miles each time.
6. Lift weights 2 days a week. (45 minutes)
7. Stretch every day
8. No snacking in the evening. Brush teeth after dinner. (This is the most challenging one for me -- I love nighttime snacking!).
Most importantly:
9. When out with family and friends, eat reasonable portions and enjoy yourself. Spend the time talking, not stressing...

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  1. Sraines's Avatar
    I printed the article and am going to read it...cause I dunno about you...but 2500 cal a day for me to get to 150 is much more inviting than the 500 cal...well see thanks for sharing btw
  2. MominCali's Avatar
    She has an update, too, for figuring out how many calories you need, based on height and age...
    Good luck with it!
  3. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Interesting article. Sounds like a good plan!!!!