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Thoughts from Memphis

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After many hrs of reading over and over these forums I have come to a few conclusions.
1. I definitley want Rx HCG
2. I am so confused by the mixing, dosing etc that going to a dr first round might be best for me.
3. Problem, can't find a reputable dr in memphis. Can only find clinics with "drs" that may or may not be legitimate. My dr won't presribe it
4. If can't find a reputable dr may have to go internet route but that is going to take alot more thought very scared about internet purchases.
5. How will I ever be able to give up chocolate and ice cream??????
6. I had my last TOM 6 mnths ago so read somewhere this may not work for me, need to study up on that some more.
7. Does anyone even read these blogs???
8. If anyone does read this and can tell me how to find others in Memphis doing HCG I would be extremely thankful!!!
9. Blogs ?? How do these things even work???? never blogged before so guess I just hit post now and see what happens

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  1. Dvdtrios's Avatar
    Congratulations on your first blog!!! I am in Ga so can't help you on the hunting but can tell u keep Persueing this! I'd love to find out also where to purchase online. I currently buy mine from a dr here locally but he's increasing price and I'm sure I can find cheaper!!
  2. Renea Nave's Avatar
    Don't go through a dr. you will pay a fortune!! Here is the site that I use. HGCBASICS.COM It will tell you where to get you hgc and how to mix it. It is so easy!!!
  3. cynm's Avatar
    still very confused about buying hcg online...i like alldaychemist out of the sites i have checked out but am scared to order
    mainly cause of the cc problems and having to get a money order is a pain..also going to be out of town for a week and worried it will come during that time and get sent back and i will have to pay shipping again ... poooh what to do what to do