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183.75.......(-.75) I have lost 100.5 lbs! It took me one year and a week. So very proud of myself. I need to get another 9 off before this round is over. Wonder where I would be if I hadn't lost the same 25 about 3 times. Oh well, I had a lot of fun this summer! I noticed yesterday my 12's are loose even straight out of the dryer. That is a good feeling! I got my work schedule for the month of October....I'm off 1 day. I think they are trying to kill me. I guess that's just how it is when you are in retail. I have decided I will tough out this job until spring and then re-evaluate. Have a good one!

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  1. lawgal's Avatar
    Congrats on your stupendous efforts and hitting the 100lbs lost mark! That's just fantastic!
  2. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Congratulations on your amazing loss. It adds up after a while does it not when you stick with it, even with the frustrating gains? Keep up the good work!!
  3. Determined10's Avatar
    We are very proud of you too!!! Great Job!
  4. jesicanoel's Avatar
    THAT IS AWESOME! And work will keep you busy and make the days pass faster....at least that's a good way to look at it right? Congrats!
  5. Cassanina's Avatar
    Congrats on the awesome weight loss!!