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180.5....(+2) Yesterday was not a good day. I passed out at work. It was definitely my blood sugar. I inhaled a pack of peanut butter crackers and then a bag of m&m cookies. I followed it up with Mexican food because it was still not stable. After eating all the sugar, I took my glucose level and it was only 118. Horrible feeling. I think after 5 rounds, my body is done for awhile. I injected this morning and will again tomorrow and then I will wait out my 3 days. I can get the 2 lbs off in the next couple of days and then just maintain there. I feel like I need a break and obviously my body is telling me I do. Ready to be done for awhile and move to maintenance. Yesterday was pretty scary and I do not want to repeat it. I have had my sugar drop in previous rounds but not to that extent and not that fast. I literally had less than a 10 second warning. Heart pounding, sheet white, dripping sweat, no hearing and then no vision...all in less than 10 seconds. No thank you. Anyway....4 days until phase 3. Just going to keep an eye on myself for the next few days and adjust accordingly. Happy Saturday losers! And remember, always listen to your body!

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    So sorry that happened to you. You are right to listen to your body and take a break. That must have been scary. Glad you are ok.