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P3 Food Porn

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REMINDER: Anyone, feel free to post your P3 food **** pics here and give everyone something to drool over (and look forward to!) OH...and PLEASE include/write your recipe or provide a link to the site from where/person from whom you took inspiration.

Tired of looking through all the posts to get to the good stuff? Well look no further because here's a summary with links to specific postings/recipes/pictures:

INDEX of Fab P3 Food **** Dishes

1. First P3 dinner :: baby spinach salad w/strawberries, walnuts, goats cheese and boneless pork loin chops :: brizi77

2. Ukranian Joe's special :: Eggs, ground sirloin, spinach, mushrooms, parmesan cheese and sour cream :: Beth_M

3. First P3 breakfast :: Scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar, clementine :: brizi77

4. Zucchini bread :: Diane

5. Veal in lemon caper sauce with cheesy cauliflower rice & fresh tomatoes :: Beth_M

6. Herb crusted salmon with garlic-braised sugar snap peas :: Lydia

7. Asian-inspired chicken drumsticks with baby spinach & avocado salad :: brizi77

8. Grilled hamburger with onion, salsa, sour cream and homemade slaw :: Diane

9. Spinach & cheese omelette :: Feisty

10. Egg white, veggie & cheese omelette with low carb pancakes :: tay

11. Savoury faux english muffins with egg, cheese & bacon :: brizi77

12. Chicken guacamole salad :: Lydia

13. Mexi stirfry w/ beef & veggies :: Beth_M

14. Panfried chicken cutlets & broccoli florets with balsamic drizzle :: Beth_M

15. Lemon chicken with capers & artichokes over broccoli slaw 'pasta' :: Beth_M

16. Lemon pepper veal with parmesan caesar cauliflower rice :: Beth_M

17. Coconut curry cauliflower :: brizi77

18. AmyLu's sweet carmelized onion chicken burgers (from Costco) with all the trimmings :: Beth_M

19. Proscuitto & goat's cheese on "english muffins" :: brizi77

20. Steak & mushroom frittata with feta :: Beth_M

21. Flax bread with cinnamon spread (Photo) :: DoingThisForMe

22. Peanut butter fudge bars (Recipe) :: sewharley
Peanut butter fudge bars (Photo) :: sewharley

23. P3 Pizza - Cauliflower pizza crust :: sewharley

24. Cauliflower crust pizza :: DoingThisForMe

25. Truly thick crust gluten-free pizza (ingredients) :: brizi77
Truly thick crust gluten-free pizza (directions) :: brizi77

26. Almond flour pancakes :: DoingThisForMe

27. Ricotta almond treat :: sewharley

28. Onion cheddar biscuits :: DoingThisForMe

29. Chicken fried steak :: NurseKaT

30. Valentine's dinner of steak & lobster plus cauliflower bread sticks :: sewharley

31. Cheese crust pizza :: Diane

32. Organic mushroom and swiss burger with sauteed onions and fake mashed potatoes (cauliflower) :: karlipooh. Photo can be found here.

33. Baking mixes: low carb & gluten free :: Twinma

34. Oopsie rolls :: DoingThisForMe

35. Orange cranberry muffins (Note: just watch the honey - may want to sub for something P3 friendly) :: JuicyJos

36. Oopsie roll french toast :: merimatt

37. Oven fried zucchini fries :: JuicyJos

38. Pumpkin cheesecake :: Diane

39. Cocoa crack with strawberries & almonds (google for recipe) :: Jeni50

40. Eggplant lasagna :: vondalyn

41. Low carb alfredo sauce :: Steveo

42. Easy P3 lunch of asparagus, spinach, chicken tenders, provolone and no sugar marinara. :: merimatt

43. Cheese crust pizza (no pics) :: DoingThisForMe

44. Gluten free banana nut muffins :: Diane

45. Gluten-free fried zucchini slices :: brizi77

46. Dry-aging meat at home :: Carolina


Did I catch your attention? I hope so! I'm just sooo excited to be starting P3 that I thought I would share my first P3 dinner with all of you. Yumm!

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  1. emross82's Avatar
    ahhh love this! p3 for me next week, cant wait for some normal salads and nuts and cheese Thanks for this post!
  2. FreedomFromFat's Avatar
    I am drooling over these pictures...!