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Now What? This is getting crazy...

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The other day I posted on the Forum Chat Room that my bra cup size is shrinking and I now use my bra as a cell phone pocket. Well, now that I've taken smaller bra sizes from - you know... that box of too small clothes in the closet, I think I'm ok in the bra department.

NOW, my feet shrunk... I put on shoes this morning that are way too big - another AHH HAH moment, now I'm losing weight in my FEET! Those shoes are my "go to" pair that I leave at work. Now I need to wear socks or every time I take a step the show will go flying off my foot. Wouldn't want to hurt my co-workers.

I've never had these kind of problems or I never really paid attention because my weight would go right back up to fit the clothes that were getting too loose. I used to 'freak out' and unintentionally gain the weight back so my clothes would "fit" again. Isn't that crazy?

I LOVE HCG! I love those kinds of problems now. I can just shop in my own closet. I can't WAIT to see what's next. I got my eye on a short Leopart dress which I put in the front of the closet.

What are your "Ah HAH" moments?

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    This was funny. Thanks for the laugh. It's weird where we lose the weight first on hcg, isn't it? I loved losing the back weight. Luved that. Not necessarily an aha moment, but happy moment.
  2. Kathren's Avatar
    I'm so proud of you Curvygirl. I don't know about you, but when I shrink out of my too-large clothes, they are out of here! I'm giving them away. I don't want them around to remind me of any negitive memories. That includes big shoes too. As a matter of fact, I just threw out a pair this morning that have always been a little big for me anyway. I donated a lot of clothes this morning, maybe 25 pounds. Like I said, I don't want any reminders. And when I loose below my box of smaller 'big' clothes in the closet, I'll do the same thing with them. Then when I drop down past that size, I'll buy all new! And at a DEPARTMENT STORE where average size people shop! Yeah us!
  3. curvygirl63's Avatar
    Kathren, I am ALWAYS donating but now I'm down to the bare minimum and I have two teenage boys. I have to do the old "toss and replace". When I toss, I need to replace.

    I guess I need to make a trip to Goodwill for some "transition" pieces. I shop there from time to time anyway. I guess I'm taking a field trip this weekend.
  4. curvygirl63's Avatar
    Dubbles, I'm afraid to put on any ring or bracelets. That may be my next "AHH HAH" moment.
  5. Carry2010's Avatar
    Sorry, sort of, about the shoes! I know I have lots of pairs I just love and would hate to have to give up. Oh, and the bra size change. URGH. While I accept this might occur for me as well, I am saddened because I just purchased two new bras (over $60 each--can't remember how much). After years of custom-fit purchases, I finally went to Nordstroms for a fitting there. I just didn't think they would be able to accommodate my size like the custom-fit bra lady. <wrong!>

    Well, I am happy for you all at the same time. :-)
  6. shadowcat410's Avatar
    I have used my bra as a cell phone holder as well! heehee Too funny.
    I can't wear any of my rings. And the ones that do still fit, I have to wear them on my middle finger, (the largest). So, not only do a need a new wardrobe, i need new jewelry! ah shucks.

    I'd love to see your shoe go flying off your foot. lol And i'd like you to aim it at some of MY co-workers.
  7. jeslholmes's Avatar
    Baha! Bra as a cell phone holder,, this cracks me up and I must keep this in mind for future boob shrinkage....yikes I hope they don't shrink too much as this girl wasn't incredibly blessed in that department anyway now the stomach and the thighs....they can shrink all they want!
  8. jeslholmes's Avatar
    goodwill is the best! I am a single mom with two boys who I can't keep in clothes and I have a rule for myself....good shoes, good jeans and I buy all tops and jackets etc...at good will. It keeps me trendy yet in budget. We have a great thrift store local too...love them . I like the toss and replace idea....good stuff