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Good Grief!

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Well here it is nov and i still haven't received the hcg i ordered a mnth ago...just talked to lorainne at whenhealthmatters....seems my pckg was sent back by usps twice...first time wrong address second time not enough postage...dang is this a sign im not supposed to do this??? well she is resending today she says so we shall see, however this will be too late for me to start as i dont want to be on this diet during dec with all the christmas parties to attend so i will just have to load on christmas eve and day and start it the day after...I am soooooo upset i really wanted to have a round done before christmas so i would not be the big fat gal at all the parties i just wanna cry!

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  1. Petitegirl's Avatar
    awh sorry for you! You are the only one who can pick your start date but you might want to consider starting when you get it. I mean by Xmas you could loose 15/20 pounds! Wouldnt that be worth it?! And yes, Xmas will be a challenge for all of us. Guessing that week the scale might not be as kind but then there is always the week after to get back on track! Better maybe to lose a lot, gain a little, then start to loose again then gain on top of your current weight. Something to consider. Good luck to you!