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Johanna Rodriguez

R2/p2 VLCD Day 1

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So I weighed myself last night after dinner. I had the feeling I would weigh less in the morning and wanted an accurate weight to compare.

I gained a total of 7.7 lbs loading, which put me at 226.5 lbs. This morning I weighed in at 224.8. I'm not focusing on the load weight, even though it's hard not to. Before I left home I hopped on the scale and was down 0.8 lbs.

That made me smile...I can feel the HCG starting to work its magic :-D

So far I only felt a pinch of growling in my stomach which quickly went away as soon as I sat down with my morning coffee. The real journey begins now, 39 days to a "slimmer & fitter* MEEEE!

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  1. 1WildAngel's Avatar
    Way to go Johanna!!! Sounds like you're off to a great start... This is VLCD 5 for me and I have yet to have any hunger pains that weren't mental. Usually, they're satiated with refilling my water bottle or just stepping out to take a small walk. Keep it up!!!!