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Johanna Rodriguez

R2/P2 VLCD Day 2

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So I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down 3.1 lbs! Score, I'm under my LIW but not under my pre-load weight. That's ok, I know it will be gone.

Mentally it's comforting to see my weight back below LIW and the pounds coming off because I know the HCG is working. My tummy is grumbling a bit this morning, still working on my coffee.

I know many people dislike the VLCD stage, but I think it's great. It strengthens your will power and character. In all honesty I think only the strong can do this, the proof is in all those that try and just call it quits.

Anywho, VLCD Day 2 here I come...can't wait to step on the scale tomorrow!

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  1. 1WildAngel's Avatar
    Congrats Johanna!! Way to go!